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American Kush

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This hybrid strain was made from heavy-hitting Sin City Kush paired with Pre-98 Bubba Kush to lighten it up. Alphakronic Genes bred this robust strain and old-fashioned kush with good flavor and effects. It can be one of your favorites for evening and night use. It develops dense nugs in the hue of forest green along with rich gold undertones. There are orange hairs coated with sweet resin.

Flavor and Effects of American Kush

The aroma and flavor have similar contents, which are fresh spicy lemon accented by lavender and coffee. It’s a fast-acting strain that goes with a tingling sensation while the cerebral high has an electrifying sense that moves down the spine and the whole body. The effect continues to intensify until it gives it a relaxing maneuver and it can lull consumers to sleep.

Medical Benefits of American Kush

This strain gives most beneficial for individuals who suffer from insomnia, pain and mood disorders like anxiety or stress.

Negative Effects of American Kush

Drinking plenty of water can reverse the usual side effects of smoking marijuana, which are dry eyes and cottonmouth feels. Other users may have a headache, or they will feel slight anxiety.

Growing American Kush

This breed requires much attention and maintenance, so it’s not ideal for beginners. But it is a sturdy plant as it tolerates any weather changes. Pruning the leaves is a way to ensure air circulation and light penetration. In the first three weeks of its growth, it needs more than the average amount of nitrogen. Potassium and phosphorus are the ones that needed to be increased for their transition.