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American Dream

American Dream

Known as the American dream, Sensi Seeds developed an indica-dominant variety from the combination of Afghan Skunk and a Sativa strain known as Jamaican and a Hawaiian strain. They believe that this strain, known as American Dream, is significantly superior to its parents due to the mixing of the successful strains.

This strain was created using a hybrid of indica and sativa characteristics, which results in a balanced and elevated high. Some people utilize it for daytime and evening entertainment and production.

Flavor and Effects of American Dream

American Dream has an earthy, skunky kick to it, as well as a highly pungent flavor that will linger in your mouth and nostrils for a long time after you take your last exhale. A euphoric high is produced, leaving you feeling creative, extremely cheerful, and with a distinct uplifted and energized feeling.

Medical Benefits of American Dream

The American Dream can alleviate a great deal of tension and anxiety. This strain is particularly excellent for treating depression when one is feeling queasy and the stomach of someone who is suffering from a lack of appetite. American Dream is not only effective against inflammation, but it is also safe.

Negative Effects of American Dream

Users of the American Dream may notice significant tongue drying as a side effect. Some users may notice a mild drying of the eyes, resulting in irritation in the eyes.

Growing American Dream

The cultivation of the American dream is similar to the cultivation of a standard Indica plant. It is likely to be significantly shorter and bushier in appearance. To produce a healthy American Dream, you should be familiar with the so-called “Screen of Green ,” which will aid in its growth. Indoors, American Dream can flower in 7 to 8 weeks and produce 16 to 20 ounces per square meter, depending on the variety. This kind is best suited for indoor growing.