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Alpine Star

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This strain comes from Detroit, Michigan. It has a lemony fragrance and a full-body high. This breed was made by combining Tahoe OH Kush and Sensi Star. Regular smokers would love this strain. But aside from using it for recreational purposes, its main role is inclined to medicinal use. It’s ideal for rainy days and late-night due to its relaxing abilities.

Flavor and Effects of Alpine Star

It carries dank flavor and smells with a strong presence of lemon and citrus. This strain has a subtle and clear-headed high that collects ideas for creativity. Tingling sensation rushes all over the body, followed by a soothing buzz to induce deep relaxation. It has numbing effects that seep through extremities.

Medical Benefits of Alpine Star

It is a highly effective medical weed, so it’s recommended by doctors to use it as a sedative. So it can grapple with the symptoms of headaches, muscle spasms, stress, chronic pain, bipolar and insomnia. It stimulates hunger so individuals with an eating disorder will start looking for food. It’s a great pain reliever that numbs your limbs.

Negative Effects of Alpine Star

Users should have enough tolerance to handle this strain as it can bring headaches, and of course, the common thing smokers get from smoking is dryness of eyes and mouth.

Growing Alpine Star

This strain is perfect for indoor plantation, but it can thrive outdoors too. Growers can apply Stress training so it can stretch outwards as it is a bushy plant. Regular monitoring and trimming are essential steps for their growth and development.