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As you can infer from the strain name itself, Aloha originated from the beautiful state of Hawaii. While its parent is still unknown until this day, it does not stop this strain from being extraordinary. It produces a tall plant with flowers closely knitted to each other and yellow-green, fleecy leaves curling a bit inward. It has vivid magenta pistils showered with white, cloudy and sticky trichomes. The plant gives off a fruity scent reminiscent of citrus which has hints of tanginess or sourness.

Flavor and Effects of Aloha

Aloha taste has herbal notes which smell gives a fruity aftertaste. Upon exhalation, there will be a mix of citrus, grapefruit, and pineapple on your tongue. You can say hello to the effects right away as it hits really quickly. You are not even done savoring the flavor, but will eventually start feeling pressure around your eyes and temples. Your focus and concentration will be amplified, to the point that you can see and hear more. The buzz allows a smoother flow of ideas and positive thoughts. It will also improve your social skills as it can induce your talkative juices. Your body is also energized, helping you accomplish many tasks on a given day. The euphoric high is like being on a Hawaiian vacation. You will be excited to try doing anything.

Medical Benefits of Aloha

The focus and concentration Aloha can induce can help patients with ADD and ADHD. Its ability to remove stress and negative thoughts make it perfect for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and even PTSD. It can also ease early symptoms of glaucoma and can induce hunger for those experiencing loss of appetite.

Negative Effects of Aloha

Aloha can deliver the most basic negative effects we know from other strains: cotton mouth, dry eyes, and a parched throat. It can also induce headaches and panic attacks.

Growing Aloha Some information and Tips

It is difficult to find Aloha seeds online so experts recommend obtaining clippings for clones. It will survive in a hydroponics setup with a temperature between 70 -80 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it can grow really tall, you have to trim the plant early as well.