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Allen Iverson OG

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This strain is made for smokers with staggering tolerance for THC. It’s exclusively grown by Good as Gold in California. Some think that it belongs to the Alien family due to its insane flavor and powerful potency. It puts users to a euphoric state that reaches outer space, and it can put the body into relaxation too. Smokers would love its complex flavor.

Flavor and Effects of Allen Iverson OG

Lemony spices and earthy pine with peppery herbal overtone are the components of its aroma. Its flavor is an extra citrusy and spicy lemon, and the exhale is filled with savory earthiness. Then effect has an emphasize on the extraordinary euphoric high as it sweeps any negativity in your mind. As the high fades away, it will make you feel deeply relaxed and may fall asleep.

Medical Benefits of Allen Iverson OG

This strain’s THC content can assist in the treatment of headaches and cramps. The positivity that it imparts to the users can ease physical and mental fatigue. It can reduce eye pressure for people who have glaucoma. It is essential so blindness will be avoided.

Negative Effects of Allen Iverson OG

Dry eyes and dry mouth are the usual side effects smokers get from taking the strain. Dizziness and anxiety can be experienced by first-timers.

Growing Allen Iverson OG

This strain can be cultivated outdoors and indoors. Growers need to supplement it with organic nutrients, whichever choice of the plantation they picked. The plant should be supplied with enough water, and overwatering it is not a good step. You have to make sure that the air circulation gets to the lower nodes by removing some broad leaves. To have a high yield, you can train it at an early stage and give it enough room to grow.