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Aliens On Moonshine

Aliens On Moonshine

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This is a soothing stain that contributes a lot to medical practice. It’s abundant in CBD content, which is procured by Sin City Seeds. Sour Alien and White Moonshine are combined to come up with this strain. People who need relief from stress and pain see this strain as a godsend. CBD lovers would find it great to use whenever they’re alone to find a peace that they need.

Flavor and Effects of Aliens on Moonshine

Its aroma is mouthwatering as it’s filled with citrus chemicals along with mango and berry. The flavor is quite the same as the aroma. It is a therapeutic strain that starts with a mellow high that enhances the mood. Users become happy, and they can focus well. The relaxing effect leads you to bed to sleep.

Medical Benefits of Aliens on Moonshine

Its primary role in medical practice is a pain reliever, so it treats inflammation, headaches, and pain. This effect is long-lasting, so this way won’t require other medicines, and you can avoid any harmful side effects. It’s also used for appeasing stress and depression.

Negative Effects of Aliens on Moonshine

Dry eyes and dry mouth are common side effects, and smokers can get these from this strain. First-timers should be conscious of the dosage as they are likely to feel anxiety and dizziness.

Growing Aliens on Moonshine

It flourishes in indoor and outdoor cultivation. Growers should see to it that the plant gets enough space and light so it can grow without any disturbances. It’s recommended to trim or prune it in an early stage. Organic food can support its needs during the vegetative stage.

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