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Alien Stardawg

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Blended by Green Beanz Seeds, Alien Stardawg came into existence by mixing Alien Kush F2 and throwing the potency of Stardawg BX in. This combination created a plant with spongy leaves with colorful and vibrant nugs. The nugs range from hues of green, magenta, blue and even purple showered with crystal trichomes. It gives off a mix of sweet fruits with a kick of spicy kush scent. This sativa dominant strain can be grown either indoors or outdoors.

Flavor and Effects of Alien Stardawg

Alien Stardawg won’t be called as such for anything. It is an out of this world strain. In just a short amount of time after your first inhale of the sweetness of berry with pungent diesel aftertaste, you will be hit by a euphoric high. It will launch you into space like a rocket. You will reach all the heavenly bodies in just a snap. Your foggy mind is cleared right away, making way for happiness and an upbeat disposition. It can make you talkative. The flow of ideas is just unstoppable that you will just feel the need to share them. The head high will also be accompanied by a balanced body high. Your body will be in a relaxed state, but far from a couch lock. These qualities make it a perfect daytime strain.

Medical Benefits of Alien Stardawg

Alien Stardawg’s instant psychoactive effects make it a highly prescribed medical marijuana for those who could make the most of these qualities to stabilize their mood, especially those experiencing depression, chronic stress, anxiety and bipolar disorder. It shall benefit them the most as the smoke can uplift their disposition and point of view towards life. Physically, the strain can also help in easing aches and pains.

Negative Effects of Alien Stardawg

You can expect a mild case of dry mouth, dry eyes and parched throat from smoking Alien Stardawg. This is already common with potent strains so as a precaution, just keep refreshments nearby. Always stay within your tolerance to avoid anxiety and paranoia.

Growing Alien Stardawg Some Information and Tips

To grow Alien Stardawg, you may use the hydroponics setup. Train the plants well, and maintain by trimming or pruning to maintain its height, as well as good air and light distribution. It is best to use organic fertilizers. In watering, make sure the soil is completely dry before your next watering to avoid molds and pests.