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Alien Rift

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Ocean Green Seeds blended Alien OG with Alien Dawg to create a hybrid strain to improve the hash production. It’s a more refined version of their other breed, Alien Abduction. It pleases the senses, and the effects are long-lasting. Its potency is not something to be underestimated as its maximum strength is up to 24%. It is known to relieve pain and stress with its laidback effect.

It grows medium-sized, dense buds that have varieties of shapes like spherical and conical. The typical leaves are in green moss color, but some develop the hue of deep purple and lavender. There are orange pistils that twist inwardly into these leaves. The surface, as well as the inner part, is covered by white, milky resins.

Flavor and Effects of Alien Rift

This strain carries a spicy, earthy aroma profile with some sweet citrus freshness and hints of rich rotting grape. It delivers sharp lemon sourness with a spicy, grape exhale. It gives the high after a few minutes, and the euphoria enters the system with pure happy thoughts. Negativity has no room for the effects of this strain. When the user discovers the unique level of happiness, body buzz starts to meddle with the senses.

It takes consumers to a couch-lock state, which gives tingles and arousal at the same time.

Medical Benefits of Alien Rift

It’s a dependable strain when it comes to its medical use. It can make the symptoms of mild to moderate depression and stress vanish. Attention deficit disorder can be corrected by giving the patient enough focus and concentrate on a single task. It relieves aches and pains that are temporary or even gained from chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, glaucoma, and lupus. It can aid people who need to have a normal sleeping pattern as insomnia and sleeping disorder bug them.

It can work magic on the swelling and redness of inflammation.

Negative Effects of Alien Rift

Dry eyes and dry mouth are expected to happen to users of this strain as they’re the common adverse effects. Drinking a lot of water can reverse these minor issues. The strain’s potency is not a joke, so newbies can experience paranoia and dizziness. So it’s advisable to have this wee in moderation.

Growing Alien Rift

This strain will do good indoors and outdoors. It loves warm weather while it grows outdoors. When it’s grown indoors, COB LED lights can be used to secure lighting and Smart pots to let the roots extend as much as they want. This plant also loves nutrients for its healthy growth. It can be planted in coco bricks, too, aside from soil with compost.

It has a bushy silhouette in medium height that doesn’t exceed 3 feet. Growers need to top it early and trim broad leaves to give way to air circulation and improve lighting.