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Alien Pebbles OG

Alien Pebbles OG

It is a balanced strain with a whopping amount of THC, and it makes it one of the strongest strains. Fruity Pebble OG and Alien Cookies were combined to develop this breed. Jaws Gear is responsible for the creation of this rare strain that is super-charged with THC and an insanely tasty flavor. Though it tastes good, don’t overindulge unless you can handle its potency. It will be best to take this bud during the day to maximize your energy.

 Flavor and Effects of Alien Pebbles OG

This stain is delectable for everyone’s taste buds as the flavor is composed of pine and sweet berries that are enhanced by the smell of fruity citrus. It is hard-hitting that lets you reach full-bodied experience high. It fills its users’ system with happy motivation. Then they will float in a satisfying relaxation.

 Medical Benefits of Alien Pebbles OG

Its effects made this strain so functional in alleviating pain and aches. It can handle all the types which can be temporary or chronic. This weed is also an aid to treat mental disorders like bipolar and anxiety.

 Negative Effects of Alien Pebbles OG

This strain’s side effects are cottonmouth and itchy eyes. Since this is a very potent weed, it may give pronounced adverse reactions to smokers who have a low tolerance.

 Growing Alien Pebbles OG

This plant flourishes both indoors and outdoors. Setting up a grow room or grow tent is a must in the indoor plantation. Choosing the right sets of equipment is also necessary to meet the plant’s need for growth. Growers should see to it that it is protected from common diseases, mold, and pests.