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Albert Walker

Albert Walker is a hybrid created by crossing Afghan Skunk with an unknown Indica. As a result, there is a strong sour lemon and skunk stench, as well as severe full-body impacts that can persist for an extended amount of time.

An array of light green, gray, and brown trichomes cover the surface of this strain’s bud, making it a visually appealing combination of colors. This is most commonly found on the West Coast, and it is well worth the effort if you are looking for a tasty treat.

Flavor and Effects of Albert Walker

Albert Walker has a great grapefruit and orange flavor and lemon and citrus flavors with a pine undertone. This strain is known to provide relaxation, happiness, euphoria, focus, and uplifting feelings in users.

Medical Benefits of Albert Walker

With its medical capabilities, this strain, which goes by the name of Albert Walker, can provide a calming effect for those who are suffering from exhaustion, tension, or discomfort, as well as assist to alleviate headaches and depression.

Negative Effects of Albert Walker

A few of the negative effects that can be experienced when using Albert Walker include dizziness, dryness of the lips, and drying of the eyes. Some people may even experience paranoia and headaches.

Growing Albert Walker

If you have an Albert Walker plant, it will thrive both indoors and out. However, due of its tall stature, it is recommended that you keep an eye on it at all times. If not properly cared for, it will not survive in any given circumstance. Support for branches should be provided. As long as the plant has adequate nutrition and care, it can produce a bigger yield than usual.

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