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Alaskan Thunder Fuck

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck cannabis strain or sometimes called as €œATF€, €œMatanuska Thunder Fuck€, and €œMatanuska Tundra€. This Sativa prevailing cannabis strain one of the legendary strains that are created in Alaska or specifically one of its zone which is the Matanuska Valley. Way back on time, the genetic lineage of this is crossing a Russian ruderalis with a Northern California but this is then later changed into an Afghani phenotype. This high is unique and will let you experience new things at hand. 

 Flavor and Effects of Alaskan Thunder Fuck

 The banana taste together with spicy, orange, earthy, pungent, and sweet this cannabis strain will display and let you taste on its flavor. This bud will hit you with a euphoric high at a quick pace and in the hard sense. This has the monster abilities that will prompt you more with happiness or this triggers blissfulness. It will rouse you at some point where a pleasant and inspiring buzz may knock on your limbs and minds. Even though this is potent, once you smoke this, this will not aggravate your throat or make you cough on the first and down to the last hit. 

Medical Benefits of Alaskan Thunder Fuck

 Agonies, muscle fits, and other incessant body torments will be successfully treated with this cannabis strain. Alaskan Thunder Fuck cannabis strain will automatically end up those tormenting conditions. This will likewise draw you in the best state of your mind. Stress, depression, and PTSD will be mitigated. The high will keep you away from weariness and torpidity, and make more of a peaceful vitality. If you had problems with your appetite, then you can take this cannabis strain as this prompt munchies or simply say boost your appetite.  

 Negative Effects of Alaskan Thunder Fuck

 The adverse effects like paranoia and anxiety will happen rarely, but when it happens it won’t stay too long. Headache and migraines may likewise happen by this strain’s high CBD or solely the levels of CBD. An instance of feeling parched in the mouth will occur. Likewise, this may also instigate dry or red eyes. Keep more of water or drink more to solve these adverse reactions. 

 Growing Alaskan Thunder Fuck 

The atmosphere in the Northern areas or the cool climate this strain will be suited best to grow. This will want that type of atmosphere due to its legacy. This will produce a skunky smell when grown so you must install some air-filter or some carbon-filters around in the place you are developing this. To secure more of your secrecy and get the best result upon growing this, cultivate this indoors or in your greenhouse. This can still be cultivated outdoors but best in the place where it’s free from pests and diseases.