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Alaskan Ice

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Green buds like frozen popcorn which is quite hard to break along with white crystal trichomes and this strain’s hair are on yellow hues or a bright golden color. This has more of Sativa and it got those components from its genetic lineage which is the crossing of Pure Haze and Green House White Window. You will feel like you’re in an icy place once you take this cannabis strain as this shivers you with the best impacts. 

Flavor and Effects of Alaskan Ice

 Alaskan Ice marijuana strain has the traces of pine and woody hints but with sweet and spicy undertones. This will induce first the amazing psychoactive impact that is enduring and refreshing. It will consequently introduce buzzes around your mind which will lift you. Moments after you will feel your imagination being stretch and draw you more inspiration or motivations. As the high submerge on your every part, the heaviness will crawl in your eyes and limbs which will lose your sense and drive you in drowsiness.  

 Medical Benefits of Alaskan Ice

 The intensity this cannabis strain has got will battle some medical issues. The very first impact this gives will elevate the emotions which are best in combating stress and depression. As this increases vitality, this will likewise increase focus which can cure ADD or ADHD. A mellow pain-relieving remedy will soon happen then your torments and agonies will be out. It will restore your ability to take some tasks around using physical moves or physically inclined activities. Consequently, this will numb the pains from your back, spine, or on any part. This will be then a perfect remedy for cramps and muscle spasms. Your best nights will come as this heals insomnia. 

 Negative Effects of Alaskan Ice

 When you utilize this cannabis strain excessively, you may experience lucidity. Other than that, you may feel dehydrated. Your eyes and mouth will dry which at the same time may impose cottony in the mouth and irritation in the eyes. Try not to utilize this in past your tolerance level as this triggers anxiety and headache when you do not do that. Additionally, a headache may instigate when the first time utilizing this. 

 Growing Alaskan Ice 

 As this cannabis strain’s name has, this is not suggested on the icy or cold temperature rather it wants it opposite of it. This will thrives best in a warm climate and you can have it within indoors or outdoors as long as it is warm. Rather than using the Sea of Green (SOG) method, this is more versatile on the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method and also the hydroponic method.