AK-OG Kush

The AK-OG Kush was created by combining AK-47 and OG Kush, resulting in a high potency strain that users can note for its excellent features in addition to its iconic father. It is a powerful stain, so first-timers should be cautious, as the effect will wipe you out completely.

AK-OG Kush is considered to have a spicy, woody, and earthy coffee scent. This plant is mainly utilized for medicinal applications, such as alleviating pain and eating problems in humans.

Flavor and Effects of AK-OG Kush

AK-OG Kush is generally described as having an earthy, spicy coffee flavor and a woody aftertaste on exhalation. This strain can produce heightened ecstatic bliss while also making you feel calm and uplifted.

Medical Benefits of AK-OG Kush

Stress and depression are two of the most common ailments that AK-OG Kush can help with. However, the next would’ve been pain and anorexia.

Negative Effects of AK-OG Kush

Anxiety, dizziness, and a pounding headache are just several of the harsh and unpleasant effects of AK-OG Kush, and dry eyes and dry mouth up as a result of usage are just a few more.

Growing an AK-OG Kush

It’s all on with AK-OG Kush. It is relatively simple to cultivate and care for, but one thing that will help it thrive even more is to use compost or poultry manure as a fertilizer; this will result in richer soil and a healthy plant. Simultaneously, if you decide to switch strains, growers can still use this soil since it has been treated and is highly nutritious.

Where To BuyAK-OG Kush

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