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Air Jordan OG

This is a sought-after strain that is exclusively grown by Good as Gold in California. It is a pure Indica weed, but its genetics are kept as a secret. It can help you get rid of your stress after a day’s work. It has fluffy buds in violet undertones, and they’re enclosed in clear trichomes. This is also a solid and reliable medicinal strain.

Flavor and Effects of Air Jordan OG

This strain’s aroma is filled with spice, earthiness, citrus, diesel, and pine. It is a mix of sweet, piney, and earthy flavors with spicy herbs on the exhale. It delivers a stoner type of high that would lead you to the couch. It clears a worried mind, and it increases creativity. But it would also alter the user’s focus.

Medical Benefits of Air Jordan OG

This strain mainly assists with mental problems like depression and stress. It promotes positive thinking. It also eliminates bodily pain, and it can handle insomnia. So people who have a hard time getting some sleep won’t need to count sheep anymore.

Negative Effects of Air Jordan OG

The common adverse reactions from smoking strain are cottonmouth feels and dry, itchy eyes. They can be prevented by drinking a lot of water.

Growing Air Jordan OG

Since it’s pure Indica, it tends to grow short and bushy. It thrives in the climate that’s not too cold nor too balmy. It does well both outdoor and indoor cultivation, but unfortunately, novice growers should gain more experience to plant this strain. Growers can feed it nutrients for optimal growth and protection from pests and diseases.

Best Place To Buy Air Jordan OG

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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