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Agent Banana

Agent Banana

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Agent Banana is a ThugPug Genetics indica / sativa variety and can be grown indoors, where plants need 60 days of blooming and in outdoors. Agent Banana from ThugPug Genetics is or maybe was never accessible or obtainable as feminized seeds.

Flavor and Effects of Agent Banana

The flavors of Agent Banana are sweet, fruity, woody, and tropical. Eventually, the delicate buzz gives way to a euphoric feeling.  But when this hybrid strain stops, it is not that. It keeps bringing you to a state of meditation that is now bordering on helping to make you want to sit down or lie down.

Medical Benefits of Agent Banana

Some use Agent Banana to help relieve the effects of chronic pain and stress. But for most, overall body relaxation’s greatest advantage is that it eliminates your tendency to pressure yourself. Even if you chose to, the giddy feeling slips in to make you feel uplifted and satisfied instead of feeling sad.

Negative Effects of Agent Banana

Agent Banana, like nearly all marijuana strains, can lead to dry mouth. Yet not only will it be a problem to feel dry in the mouth, but it also has the possibility of causing dry eyes. Keeping hydrated as normal helps to ease or reduce these effects.

Growing Agent Banana

Agent Banana can be developed indoors and outdoors to the extent that it can be collected. It is easy to propagate for some people who have actually cultivated this plant.

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