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Cult Classics Seeds’ Agathlan cannabis strain is an 80/20 Indica dominated hybrid. The buds are densely thick and coated in trichomes. Most users enjoy the wonderful taste of fruity and fuel. With a soft diesel undertone, this plant has an earthy taste. Agathlan is ideal for use at night.

Flavor and Effects of Agathlan

The flavors of Agathlan are chemical, sweet, citrus, and pine. The high of Agathlan marijuana strain starts with a blissful, enthusiastic vibration. The high is then turned into a more confident and calmer attitude. Several customers said they had experienced religious experiences.

Medical Benefits of Agathlan

Depression development is often exacerbated by the constant stress attack. And, if left untreated, with negative thoughts and poor self-esteem, it can choke those suffering from it. Agathlan is reasonably effective in appeasing these effects. Its euphoric high calms the brain and soothes the anxiety that often arises with both problems.

Negative Effects of Agathlan

Consumers may also encounter, to some extent, temporary dizziness. It can escalate in massive doses to a phenomenon called’ greening out,’ where marijuana’s chemical compounds over-stimulate the senses, induce anxiety, and cause vomiting. Luckily, it’s a rare thing. Nonetheless, it is best to avoid smoking too much or to eat too much speed.

Growing Agathlan

Agathlan is very easy to propagate due to its genes. The blossoms are dense and thin, with large branches rising laterally. All contribute to its strength to extreme temperature drops or weather changes as long as it is not too excessive. As just that, the strain can be grown even by novices.