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Afternoon Delight

The Afternoon Delight was produced by mixing three incredible strains: the delectable Banana and Schrom and another strain known as Tangie to create a new hybrid. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is well-known for its tasty and uplifting effects on the user’s physical well-being. To be true to its name, this strain smells like a tropical shake and has a delicious citrus and grapefruit flavor on the palate that bursts with sweetness. An excellent combination of this fragrance and taste is achieved by a skunk and a hint of wood, which leaves an aftertaste of pine that is refreshing to the palate.

Afternoon Delight genes produce a solid and euphoric effect that completely engulfs the body and the senses. This strain has the appearance of These nugs are vivid neon green in color and have a popcorn form, with orange striped hairs and a sticky coating of sweet resin on them, giving them a popcorn appearance. After smoking and whiffing, you might feel delightful and pleased, which is ideal for afternoon relaxation.

Flavor and Effects of Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight offers a refreshing combination of flavors that are best underlined by a rich pine, spicy skunky diesel, and a hint of sweet citrus flavor. A calming impact on the body, as described by the manufacturer, is exactly what you would want for a lazy afternoon in the sun. I have a peaceful and heavy spacey head that keeps you comfortable and joyful while also euphoric and uplifted, with the hope that you will be able to go asleep immediately after.

Medical Benefits of Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight is beneficial for treating depression, easing pain and cramping, and relieving the stress you are experiencing throughout the day. In addition, this strain has been shown to be effective in the treatment of insomnia.

Negative Effects of Afternoon Delight

The presence of paranoia, feeling dizzy, having your head wrecked, having headaches, and having migraines are some of the bad symptoms that you will experience after consuming this strain or overdosing yourself. Aside from the more usual occurrences of dry mouth, it is possible to have drying of the eyes as well.

Growing Afternoon Delight

The cultivation of Afternoon Delight might be straightforward; however, as with all cannabis plants, it is important to safeguard it and provide it with adequate care and nutrition. Although this is a hardy plant, severe rainfall has a significant impact on its growth. Another thing to keep in mind is that this temperature will kill your Afternoon Delight overnight in the winter, so if you are growing it inside, a system can assist in ensuring that it thrives for the following few weeks. Gardeners are responsible for maintaining control over growth elements such as humidity, temperature, and lighting levels. Another is pruning, which is necessary for the development of a healthier bud. SOG, or Screen of Green, is another useful solution for controlling the height of this strain; it is as simple as putting a screen above the canopy and weaving branches into it to accomplish this.

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