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Afrodite is from the combination of Kannabia paired the Black Domina, the father, with Jack Herer, the mother. The primary reason for choosing this combination was to shorten the growth time of Jack Herer, which is only seven weeks, to 9 weeks, which is more common. They also aimed to improve the overall quality of the strain, with the creation of Jack Herrer being the most significant improvement. As a consequence of the cross-breeding, a perfect strain has been created that will supply you with a hefty head that will completely calm you and make you feel trouble-free.

The remarkable strain has a scent that is more like flower petals mixed with candy. Not only is it beneficial for heavy users, but it is also beneficial for folks who want to take a big breath and get away from tension.

Flavor and Effects of Afrodite

When inhaled, Afrodite has a powerful smell that is reminiscent of ripe pineapple or overripe mango and other tropical fruits with a hint of skunkiness. These flavors contributed to the soothing effects and the cheerful, uplifted, and giggly feeling that you had.

Medical Benefits of Afrodite

In addition to providing relief from cramps, headaches, and chronic pain, Afrodite can be used to treat depression in patients. It can also be used to treat chronic pain in patients.

Negative Effects of Afrodite

One of the side effects of using Afrodite is that it can cause dryness of the eyes and drying of the lips. Some people have experienced nausea and dizziness as a result of these incidents.

Growing Afrodite

Flowering time for this strain can take anywhere between 7 and 9 weeks on average, and it usually occurs around the first several weeks of October. Afrodite is a plant that may be cultivated indoors or outdoors with relative ease. Despite the fact that this strain is resistant to pests and mold, it still requires the proper amount of nutrients and trimming once a year.

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