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Popularly known for its unique sweet and sour minty aroma, this widely consumed marijuana is an indica dominant hybrid strain making a great medicinal plant for curing mood and bodily related sickness.

It will leave you with a creamy smoke when its buds are combusted. Breeders suggest that the lineage of this hybrid is unknown however, they attributed it to be a new kind of hybrid strain in town.

 Flavor and Effects of the Afrkaner

This indica dominant hybrid strain will leave you with flavours of earthy, sweet, nutty, citrus, and skunk. With longer-lasting effects of up to 6 to 8 hours, a hit from this hybrid will make you energetic and uplifted to get any given task or work done. Its euphoric effect is enough to help you overcome any negatives vibes that will show up on your way at any time of the day. Don’t allow sedative effects to occur while consuming this for a longer time.

 Medical Benefits of the Afrkaner

If you are a Patient suffering from a mood-related illness like seasonal and non-seasonal depression, anxiety, mild to severe stress, and panic, this hybrid strain is a sure cure for you. A well-known cure for bodily related sicknesses like aches, pain, arthritis and muscle spasm. People with post-chemotherapy-induced disorders like vomiting and nausea and patients with Crohn’s disease will find this marijuana very medicinal.

 Negative Effects of the Afrkaner

The Afrkaner strain can lead to the following illness on you if abused: dry mouth and dry-itchy eyes. Expect mild to severe headache, dizziness and mild paralysis due to its high THC content.

 Growing the Afrkaner

It is always advisable to cure this plant strain every week to help keep the flowers and leaves in good shape. Its germinating period starts from 0-1 week with the expected flowering and harvesting period to start from 6 up to 8 weeks after initial planting with great yield. Daily watering and good lighting are prerequisites to ensure proper growth and yield of this strain.