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African Buzz

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Among the most common and enjoyed varieties in the world is the African Buzz marijuana strain. Although it is a pure Sativa, in perfect circumstances, this herb easily reaches the vegetative phase. Until turning to flower, we can suggest just 2-3 weeks of development to reduce its height. African marijuana strain from Buzz is a great strain for smoking at night and throughout the day.

Type: Pure Sativa

Flowering Period: 11 weeks 

Climate: Warm and sunny

Yield: 510 grams per square meter 

Flavors: Earthy, flowery, woody, sweet, tea

THC Levels: 10% – 20% 

Height: Tall

Growing Difficulty: Easy

Flavor and Effects of African Buzz

The flavors of African Buzz flavor are earthy, flowery, woody, tea, and sweet. This powerful strain will help you stay concentrated for longer, helping you to concentrate on whatever mission is at hand. African Buzz will extend your focus, so don’t seek anymore if you are looking for the best type of pressure to get you through your long, hard Monday morning.

Medical Benefits of African Buzz

When inhaling or smoking this strain, clients who strive to handle their depression symptoms may feel much more open-minded and positive. African Buzz can also significantly reduce chronic headaches without, like other strains, leaving the patient feel sluggish and sleepy.

Negative Effects of African Buzz

In smoking or consuming this strain will leave the user a feeling of being parched, leaving you with a dry mouth. Others have stated that African Buzz can help them feel very nervous and paranoid, even though this occurs when consumed at a high dose.

Growing African Buzz

African Buzz can develop very easily as it has proved to be immune to most common illnesses and molds. Each strain takes some time to bloom so that you can prep for a date of harvest much later than you may be used to.