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The Afgoo marijuana strain is often referred to as the Afgooey strain. It is a potent indica dominant hybrid created by crossing two top-notch parents, the Afghani strain and the Maui Haze strain.
The result is this stable strain with very impressive THC range between 18% to a whopping 28%. The plant is marked by its medium to large flowers that cling to each other in an elongated or cylindrical structure. The leaves are a vibrant spring green in color, beautifully contrasted with rust-colored hairs that gently wrap around the leaves. A white and milky layer of trichomes complete the look.

Flavor and Effects of Afgoo

The Afgoo cannabis strain boasts of a pungent aroma profile that reeks of a very organic scent. It is a combination of earthy, with hints of spicy and sweet. Its flavor profile is very similar to its aroma. It offers an herbal taste with notes of woody and spicy in it. A strong skunky flavor usually accompanies this organic scent. The aftertaste that lingers in the mouth is sweet.

The effects of this strain are immediate and fast-acting. It begins with a warm sensation on the face that spreads down to the neck, core, and to the extremities. Instead of triggering motivation and creativity, the Afgoo strain puts you in a dreamy and hazy mental state. The physical buzz transforms you into the most relaxed and gentlest person that you can be.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Afgoo

The Afgoo cannabis strain has grown in popularity in the medicinal community due to its number of benefits in the healing department. For one, it is a great bud for treating chronic stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar syndrome. It is also the perfect smoke for those who are needing a relaxing and deep sleep. Insomniacs will easily be lulled into a fulfilling sensation of calmness and sleep.

Negative Effects of Afgoo

On certain occasions, the Afgoo cannabis strain can cause bouts of paranoia, nausea, and headaches. This usually happens when the bud is consumed in high doses. Mild restlessness might also be experienced. As always,moderation is key to avoid these negative side effects.

Growing Afgoo

Afgoo is a convenient plant to grow in different settings. For successful outdoor cultivation, it requires a warm and Mediterranean-like climate. With the appropriate amount of love, care, humidity, and sunlight, the Afgoo can reward its growers handsomely up to 35 ounces per plant. When grown indoors, the Afgoo thrives well using the hydroponic system. In addition, this plant is known to be pungent, so growers should invest in smell controlling devices, like air filters and exhaust fans.

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