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Afghani Landrasse

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Afghani Landrasse in German or Afghani Landrace in English is a cannabis strain that has a pure lineage of the Indica family. It was genetically engineered by Alpine Seeds using multiple female phenotypes to achieve this beautiful strain.

This strain resembles a Christmas tree as it grows, it has high yield reputation, broad leaves, and compact buds.

Flavor and Effects of Afghani Landrasse

This strain has a hashy, earthy like flavor that has a citrusy note as its after taste. Its high is powerful and will linger for a while. It is also an Indica strain that will lock you up on your couch and has its very relaxing sedative effects. This strain is a nighttime strain for users who are seeking deep relaxation. 

Medical Benefits of Afghani Landrasse

This cannabis plant is not different from its Indica cousins in terms of medicinal attributes. It is a strain that can provide relief to users who are suffering from chronic pain, back pain, arthritis, stress, and depression. Its sedative effects, caress restless patients who are suffering from Insomnia and other sleeping issues.

Negative Effects of Landrasse

Adverse effects of this strain may include but not limited to dry mouth, dry eyes, headache, and dizziness, which are common in cannabis usage. It may also cause lethargy for users who do not regulate their dose.

Growing Landrasse

Growing this strain is relatively easy due to the high adaptability of the plant. It doesn’t need too many fertilizers, which is ideal in a home setup. It is also resistant to fungal infection and mold. It is also adaptive to temperature changes. It is a perfect plant to grow that result in high yield.