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Afghani 1 Autoflowering

Afghani 1 Autoflowering

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This cannabis strains with the reputation of easy growing and high yielding have evolved to a much easier strain to grow. With the help of Ruderalis genes and passion of Sensi Seeds to provide a high yield short flowering cycle strains. Afghani # 1 automatic was born.

It has 85% Indica and the remaining to Ruderalis, a natural and wild cannabis strain that has the ability to auto flower or the ability to flower without the change in the light cycle.

Flavor and Effects of Afghani #1 Automatic

The effects of Afghani #1 Automatic is similar to Afghani #1; the only thing that was altered is its ability to auto flower. It is couch locking and sedative with euphoric effects in the beginning.

Medical Benefits of Afghani #1 Automatic

Medical benefits of Afghani # 1 automatic is also similar to Afghani #1. It is an excellent sedative for patients with Insomnia and has good anti-inflammatory traits that are good for muscle pain.

Negative Effects of Afghani #1 Automatic

Negative effects of using this strain may be observed, and it includes drying of eyes and cottonmouth with occasional lethargy cases,

Growing Afghani #1 Automatic

This cannabis is one of the most adaptive plants to grow due to its engineered genes. Indica is known to thrive even in the harsh weather, but mixing it with the wild genes of Ruderalis made it unstoppable. It is a natural plant to grow that requires little to zero maintenance. This plant suits small places indoors too.