Afghan Widow

Afghan Widow was created by crossing two-hybrid strains, White Widow and Afghan Kush. This strain can give a calming and uplifting high, making it the ideal cannabis for unwinding after a stressful day.

The perfume of Afghan Widow is sweet, with notes of wild fruits, lemon, and a dash of coffee. Its physical characteristics include orange hairs with faint minty green colors and those stunning icy nuggets.

Flavor and Effects of Afghan Widow

Afghan Widow is a sweet-tasting marijuana strain with a spicy coffee hint and a diesel aftertaste. This strain was popular due to its stimulating properties. Apart from that, it can make users feel calm, joyful, and creative. You might feel tired in some cases.

Medical Benefits of Afghan Widow

Afghan Widow is a herbal plant that can alleviate chronic discomfort, nausea, and insomnia. This strain can also help cancer patients by relieving pain due to medication.

Negative Effects of Afghan Widow

Afghan Widow users may feel dry eyes and dry mouth. Users may also get a mild headache and dizziness occasionally. This strain might create paranoia if used excessively, so proceed cautiously.

Growing Afghan Widow

Afghan Widow contains a high level of tolerance to mildew and pests that wreak havoc on the harvest. This variety can thrive in outdoor and indoor situations, producing higher yields than other strains. The advantage of this strain is that it can withstand any climate but not extreme cold.

Where To BuyAfghan Widow

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