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Afghan Sour Kush

Afghan Sour Kush

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MTG Seeds bred this strain with deep relaxing effects that are patronized by casual users. It’s a hybrid strain that is a cross between Sour Kush and Afghani. The primary purpose of making this strain is to provide relief for people who are suffering from health problems. Its buds are composed of small, round nugs in the shade of light mint green. They’re topped with dark purple twisty hair, milky white trichomes, and sticky, syrupy, sweet resin.

 Flavor and Effects of Afghan Sour Kush

It releases a sweet berry aroma while the flavor builds up sweet blueberry with subtle spiciness and a hint of earthy herbs. Its effects are the same as its array of flavors, as it is one of those strains that make you feel aroused and relaxed at the same time.

 Medical Benefits of Afghan Sour Kush

It can treat many health conditions such as pain, headaches, insomnia, spinal cord injury, ADHD, ADD, and eye pressure. Physicians also prescribe this strain for individuals who have mild to moderate depression and chronic fatigue.

 Negative Effects of Afghan Sour Kush

It would give smokers mild adverse effects like dryness to their eyes and mouths, but it will be pronounced when taken in a high dose.

Growing Afghan Sour Kush

There’s no much difficulty in growing this breed, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The thing growers must be concerned about is the smell it emits, but it won’t be a problem if the plants are in an open area. Soil medium and hydroponics can be both used in growing this strain.