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Afghan Kush Early Harvest

Originating from Northern Afghanistan, Afghan Kush Early Harvest proudly represents the greeneries of the Hindu Kush mountain range. The aborigines of this plant were discovered in the Amu Darya River valleys. They thrived independently in the wild, also bordering Tajikistan and Uzbekistan with the flowing river. Its autonomous growth proves easy growing, making it a popular choice for novices and even pro growers.

This hundred percent indica strain is responsible for a multitude of strains that you know now, thus the tag, €œearly harvest€. Most kush strains can be traced back to be its grandchildren. It flowers within 45 days and can produce 450 grams indoors, while it can give 500- 600 grams when grown outdoors.

Flavor and Effects of Afghan Kush Early Harvest

Afghan Kush Early Harvest reflects the strength of the river where it came from. The first strains grew independently in the valleys of Amu Darya. The Amu Darya is famous in Central Asia due to its water flow averaging 74 km³ every year. This hailed Amu Darya as Central Asia’s mightiest river.

Afghan Kush’s effect flows as fast as the Amu Darya does. The happiness starts in the head. After a giggly and spacey high, it washes down from your head down to your limbs, aiding in pure relaxation as pure as its indica properties. Some users don’t recommend smoking it in the morning or afternoon because it can easily make you pass out.

Medical Benefits of Afghan Kush Early Harvest

Afghan Kush Early Harvest is a tried and true strain by anxiety and depression patients. Insomnia patients tossing and turning under the sheets can finally get a good night’s sleep due to its couch-lock effects. It will relax you and relieve your body pain. It also relieves pain, stress, and appetite loss.

Negative Effects of Afghan Kush Early Harvest

If you are not struggling with appetite loss, the ravenous effect will not sit well for you then. You will also experience paranoia. Imagine hallucinating with a dry mouth and dry eyes due to the potency. It will be a total nightmare, contrary to the dreamy promise of insomnia relief. After the hallucination comes dizziness and headache.

Growing Afghan Kush Early Harvest

Afghan Kush Early Harvest can be grown indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse. It is very compact due to its indica qualities. The harvest can either be in late September or October. Its buds are full of resin. Being prone to molds and moisture, you have to be careful in overwatering it. The ideal temperature to grow it is around 65 €“ 80 degrees Fahrenheit on a hydroponic setup.

Best Place To Buy Afghan Kush Early Harvest

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