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Afghan Hawaiian

Afghan Hawaiian

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Expert Seeds accomplished the union of two beautiful strains, using a gift from a friend who gave them a clone of the Lavender species and the Cheese strain. It resulted in the birth of Hawaiian Afghan, an Indica leaning strain that carries 70 percent of its genes from the Indica and 30 percent from the Sativas.

This strain is known to be covered by dense trichomes, and its buds are small compact and round which is green.

Flavor and Effects of Afghani Hawaiian

This cannabis plant has its cheesy, earthy and nutty flavor that has a distinct after taste of caramel. Even though it is an Indica dominant strain, it imposes an onset Sativa effect which is uplifting and energizing, followed by the Indica effect, which has the reputation of being relaxed and sedative.

Medical Benefits of Afghani Hawaiian

This strain is not only appealing in terms of flavor and recreational value; it is a strain that has medicinal attributes that are well suited for a lot of symptoms. It is known to provide relief to patients who are suffering from neurological problems, depression, stress, and nausea. It also acts as sedatives for patients who have Insomnia and other sleeping problems

Negative Effects of Afghani Hawaiian

Its adverse effects may include but not limited to dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness and it may also induce Paranoia.

Growing Afghani Hawaiian

This cannabis plant can be cultivated indoors and outdoors but growing it outdoors results in a higher yield. It is an Indica leaning strain, so it tends to be compact and dense. It means that periodic trimming may be required to achieve an optimal yield.