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Afghan Ghost

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Afghan Ghost cannabis strain is a Rare Dankness-created Indica-dominant hybrid. The herb flowers for 58-70 days and rewards compact, triangular-shaped buds coated with thick amber trichomes coating. These very resinous, rock-hard little buds are penetrated by pungent kush fragrance. It kush also tastes great, a combination of lemon, hash, and earth flavors, giving it an exotically classic flavor. This bud is very powerful and suitable for use at night.

Flavor and Effects of Afghan Ghost

The flavors of Afghan Ghost are citrus, earthy, sweet, pungent, and orange. This Indica-dominant strain is also easily one of the best enhancers of a positive mood out there. Afghan Ghost can instill optimistic thoughts and make you feel lifted and relieved from your concerns. This pressure will relax you without makes you feel heavy, but when you smoke, a lot of it may cause you to feel sleepy.

Medical Benefits of Afghan Ghost

This hybrid relies heavily on its Indica effects, enabling relief to be found in medical patients who have long suffered from chronic pain and muscle spasms. Afghan Ghost can relieve back pain like joint aches and migraines and enable you to find a proper state of relaxation.

Negative Effects of Afghan Ghost

Some negative effects of smoking this strain may include a moderate sense of paranoia, which may also be followed by minor dizziness. Smoking Afghan Ghost may also leave you with a slight headache in some situations, which is often due to feeling dehydrated.

Growing Afghan Ghost

Afghan Ghost is an easy strain to grow as it is usually fuss-free and adapts well to Mediterranean sunny and warm climates.

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