Afghan Diesel

Sour Diesel and Afghani are the genetic parents of this strain. As an outcome, Afghan Diesel emerged as a hybrid strain. This combination has a more substantial cerebral influence than it does a physical one. This strain is ideal for getting your day started with a boost of energy.

Afghani Diesel has a scent similar to citrus fruits and grapefruit, with a hint of nutty aroma and pineapple flavor. The deep green shades of the leaves were prominent, covered by purple shade buds.

Flavor and Effects of Afghan Diesel

Afghani Diesel has a pleasant citrus taste and sweet grapefruit notes with a spicy herbal and diesel twist aftertaste. This strain induces creativity, energizes the user, and leaves them feeling euphorically joyful and calm.

Medical Benefits of Afghan Diesel

This plant can relieve stress and weariness, and it has antidepressant properties. Afghani Diesel has proved highly beneficial in the treatment of arthritis and chronic pain.

Negative Effects of Afghan Diesel

When you consume Afghan Diesel, it is typical to suffer dry mouth and dry eyes. When inhaled too much, however, it causes headaches and nausea.

Growing Afghan Diesel

Afghan Diesel grows better indoors than outside. Consistent trimming and pruning are essential for the strain to develop healthily, distribute nutrients to specific branches, and yield better. The flowering period for this variety from September to October could be as long as nine weeks.

Where To BuyAfghan Diesel

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