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Ackbar OG

Ackbar OG

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Ackbar OG is an indica leaning of The Bank Genetics. The strains X-Wing OG and Phishhead Kush were combined that resulted in inheriting the parents’ best parts. The main reason for crossing is not just about the taste but also to improve the X-Wing but not affecting the Garlic OG’s best qualities and terpene profile.

Flavor and Effects of Ackbar OG

Enjoy the taste of lemon with sweet grape combination and a little spicy kick from herbal undertones. The Ackbar OG will give a high for body and mind that leads to euphoria. The happiness aftereffect has something to do with its high THC, and as the high ends, a very relaxing mind will take place and put you in a sleep mode.

Medical Benefits of Ackbar OG

It can be used in reducing stress and fatigue. It can also aid in depression as well as anxiety. In some cases, this is used as an anti-pain for injuries, headaches, and migraines.

Negative Effects of Ackbar OG

The common disadvantages of consuming this strain are more on the head, a headache followed with dizziness and feeling queasy.  Other instances can be drying of eyes and mouth. But when too much is used, paranoia is a possibility.

Growing Ackbar OG

In planting Ackbar OG you need to be aware that to maintain it easily, you can put this in a Screen of Green; this is basically done with weaving all the branches to the mesh to create a horizontal way of planting.

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