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The result of Humboldt Gardens crossing Original Glue and Satsuma OG is Absinthe,  a Sativa-leaning strain. This plant grows tall, containing thick and gluey nuggets lime green with a thick layer of trichomes and pale orange hairs.

Absinthe is noted for having a solid fragrance of herbal liquor with citrus peels undertone. It is ideal for a weary and hectic day, and it will provide you with the tranquility you seek.

Flavor and Effects of Absinthe

Absinthe is frequently described as having an earthy, herbal, sweet, and citrus flavor. This strain can give you a stimulating euphoric pleasure with a calm and uplifted sensation while also wearing you out and putting you to sleep.

Medical Benefits of Absinthe

People who are working so hard would want to use Absinthe as a reliever and to minimize insomnia. Apart from those benefits, it can also help with pain, cramping, exhaustion, and depression.

Negative Effects of Absinthe

The unique effects of Absinthe are restricted to dry mouth and dry eyes. The key to reducing these negative consequences is to stay hydrated. Paranoia, drowsiness, and anxiety are common side effects.

Growing an Absinthe

Growers with previous marijuana knowledge frequently make errors with this strain. Apart from providing support for its stalk, it is also necessary for a grower to prune this plant to control its height and encourage the growth of buds.

Best Place To Buy Absinthe

Exceptional (9.7)


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Excelent (9.5)

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