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Even though it’s a Canadian Aphria’s depiction of Agent Orange, it is still one of the deadliest herbicides. Aberdeen has a stimulating and calming medical effect. Jack the Ripper and  Orange Velvet have combined to create this hybrid.

The aroma of this strain is a mix of spicy, sweet, orange, minty, and cheesy. It’s ideal for clearing your mind and lifting your spirits if you’re feeling down. It’s appropriate for recreational and casual medicinal users.

Flavor and Effects of Aberdeen

Aberdeen is frequently described as having a chemical, menthol, sweet, cheesy, and citrus flavor. This strain can produce uplifted ecstatic bliss with a stimulating euphoric mood.

Medical Benefits of Aberdeen

It can help with fatigue and cramps. In addition, if you’re experiencing depression and a headache, this strain may be a viable solution. The most beneficial aspect of this marijuana is that it can help people re-establish their eating patterns; it can even help patients through chemotherapy.

Negative Effects of Aberdeen

The only side effects of using Aberdeen are dry eyes and dry mouth. The solution to reducing these negative consequences is to stay hydrated.

Growing an Aberdeen

Aberdeen can grow indoor or outdoor, but it will need appropriate care. However, if you want to keep it indoors, understand the importance of maintaining the proper temperature, using techniques including fluorescent or bulb lighting to simulate the warmth required by the plant. Throughout this method, the plant may survive and thrive while remaining free of mildews and molds.