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9lb Hammer

The 9lb Hammer is a hybrid strain that has an indica dominant variety. It is the cross-breeding of three powerful and renowned strains namely the Jack The Ripper strain, Hell’s Angel OG strain and Gooberry strain. This strain of cannabis has been named hammer because this name is the representation of its potency which will hammer you with its powerful indica effects. 

The leaves of the 9lb Hammer strain are in green color and have pistils in orange and yellow hues. The buds of the strain can also have undertones of purple. 

Flavor and Effects of 9lb Hammer

The 9lb Hammer has a great aroma that has bursting lime and sweetness of the taste. It can also leave your mouth sour and can be retained for a long time. It is very tasty at the first smell and the mixture and well-blended sweetness and pungent flavors are very aromatic and flavorful which will keep you coming back for more. Upon inhale, the strain may produce a very delicious and creamy taste with a mixture of earthy aroma. Upon exhale, the berry taste will soothe your whole body and leave you with a smashing taste.

The capacity of the strain starts at providing the consumers with very powerful and sedating effects that will put you in a pleasurable and satisfying state. It can leave you a smile on the face without losing your composite and still maintain concentration. The 9lb Hammer strain is a great generator of euphoria and happiness which creates very nice and cozy feelings for most people. 

Medical Benefits of 9lb Hammer

This indica dominant cannabis strain is an excellent means to relieve you from all types of pains you are enduring with. It can treat muscle cramps, pains in the back, severe headaches and also dysmenorrhea because it may provide relaxation on the entire body and mind. It is also a favorable cannabis strain especially for those seeking to find assistance in alleviating the indications of persistent stress and tension. It can likewise be an excellent remedy for people looking to manage insomnia and provoke sleepiness. The people undergoing hard times with depressive conditions may also discover that this strain can give an optimistic attitude and similarly help people trying to have or regain appetite. 

Negative Effects of 9lb Hammer

The 9lb Hammer will leave your mouth feel dry and a bit parched. It can also induce itchiness of the eyes and may further lead to dizziness especially when consumed at a large percentage. In a very rare scenario, the strain can cause the manifestations of minor signs of anxiety and paranoid behavior. 

Growing 9lb Hammer

The cannabis strain, 9lb Hammer is a very adaptable plant that can grow either indoor or outdoor growing are. It has gained popularity among cannabis growers due to its easy to grow characteristics and has the capacity to resist any diseases and molds. In addition, beginner growers can easily cultivate this strain due to their very low maintenance requirements. With little execution of efforts, you are still rewarded with a great amount of production by the end of the cultivating cycle.

Best Place To Buy 9lb Hammer

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
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Excelent (9.5)

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