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This rare breed was created by combining the Biker Kush, Triangle Kush, and Tahoe OG Kush strains. With a strong kush lineage, the 999 hybrid is a favorite amongst users who love the kush family. It is famous for its super-fast and quick effects, with many describing the high as being hit by a train.

Flavor and Effects of 999

The 999 cannabis strain is a fan favorite for many kush lovers because of its flavor profile and its effects. With a blend of pine and citrus, and earthy and diesel overtones, you will want to have more and more puffs of this strain. However, just like any other marijuana buds, moderation should always be exercised.

The high of this strain is sedative and uplifting at the same time. It imparts a sense of happy creativity and motivation. You will feel you want to finish all the tasks you’ve been putting aside right there and then. As the high progress, you will, however, feel the total opposite. You will be looking for the nearest space to lie down and wait for the strain to lull you to sleep.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of 999

Patients struggling with mental ailments will find this strain very effective. Symptoms of stress and depression are easily managed. Any doubts and negative thoughts will melt away when smoking this bud. The 999 marijuana bud is also a favorite among insomniacs due to its sedative effects.

Negative Effects of 999

A highly potent strain, the 999 hybrids should be smoked in moderate doses. Otherwise, you will feel mild bouts of nausea flood you in waves. Also, people who are prone to panic should be mindful of the strain’s quick-hitting effects.

Growing 999

This strain was specifically bred for a limited release. If you, however, are one of the lucky few to get a hold of this strain, it is relatively easy to cultivate strain that demands a hot and humid climate. It takes about 9 to 11 weeks to fully reach its full potential.

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