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The Bank Genetics bred this hybrid strain from S.A.G.E. and Fall 97. It carries a unique and potent smell which it got from S.A.G.E. while Fall 97 endowed its unique smell, vigorous vegetation growth, and purple flowers. It produces nuggets in the shade of purple, which can be dense. It has almost all the traits that you can look for in a strain. It affects cerebral function, but it can allow you to remain functional.

Flavor and Effects of 97 Sage

The flavor of this strain is filled with fruity sweetness with gassy undertones. It has a unique smell that conforms with its high potency. It can let you soar into a flight that can guide you in so many directions. Users will still be functional as their creativity improves, and they become detailed-oriented people. It relaxes the muscles while warming the limb as hunger follows.

Medical Benefits of 97 Sage

It can help patients who are suffering from the severity of pain. It can wash away fatigue that weakens the body. People who have developed a lack of appetite or eating disorders can be cured by this weed. It stimulates hunger so they can return to healthy eating habits.

Negative Effects of 97 Sage

Smokers will have a feeling of dryness that affects their mouth and eyes. Hydrating oneself is the solution for these minor adverse effects.

Growing 97 Sage

This weed thrives indoors and outdoors. Cultivation of this strain may start with seeds. You can soak the seeds and put them in a towel or coffee filters for the germination process. You can feed your plants with nutrients or compost.

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