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92 OG

92 OG

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The Bank Cannabis Genetics made the 92 OG, a product created as to the famous OG Kush strain phenotype. It is also marketed as having a medical and hallucinogenic effect.

The fragrance of 92 OG is energizing coffee, revitalizing earthy, aromatic pine with a dash of spice and herbal, and a woody undertone. It has a thick popcorn-shaped appearance with dark olive green nuggets covered in silky amber icy trichomes and small orange hairs clusters.

Flavor and Effects of 92 OG

The flavor of 92 OG is spicy, sour pine, and potent herbal, with spicy wood and sweet hint. It might give you a body high that keeps you relaxed and uplifted till you fall asleep.

Medical Benefits of 92 OG

If you’re struggling from muscle spasms, persistent pain, or stress, 92 OG can help. It can treat medical concerns such as stress, fatigue, and depression.

Negative Effects of 92 OG

Paranoia, headaches, and dizziness are some of the side effects of taking 92 OG. Some people will suffer from dry eyes, and drinking will help to alleviate the dry mouth effect. This strain should be taken with caution, as it might cause paranoia if consumed too much.

Growing a 92 OG

It is possible to cultivate 92 OG outdoor and indoor. However, for this strain to produce more, it is most likely to thrive when grown indoors. Pruning is necessary to help this strain expand, allow other branches to flow, and stimulate new buds to form and lighten up.