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91 Dragons

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It is a balanced strain from Insane Seed Posse. It is a blend of Surf Dragon, which a Hawaiian heirloom and ISP Chem €˜91 that is from Chinese landrace. There are two phenotypes. The first one’s characteristics are the same as its parents with the influence of Pre-invasion Afghan genetics. The second only shows the traits of Chinese and Afghan lineage. 

 But still, they both let you experience sweet smoke that gives an oily feeling to your mouth. Both of them produce buds with heavy trichomes. It is recommended to smoke during the day and in the evening.

 Flavor and Effects of 91 Dragons

 This weed gives you sweet smoke with the presence of chem. The exhale is built up with pepper and dankness that leaves an oily finish in your mouth. Pheno 1 will give you intense happy high while pheno 2 has less head high. It’s more of mental stupefaction and physical numbing. 

 Negative Effects of 91 Dragons

 Dry, red eyes, and dry mouth are the minor adverse effects of this strain. It’s the same case with other strains. It can be easily prevented by drinking water when smoking. 

 Growing 91 Dragons

 Pheno 1 responds well with topping, and it can be with any growing method. It doubles its size once it’s in the flowering stage. Pheno 1 grows into a squat plant with wide leaves. They can be cultivated indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Growers have to make sure the plant is given the right amount of nutrients.