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9 Pound Hammer

9 Pound Hammer

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This strain has a spectacular potency from Philosopher Seeds. It’s also considered a blessing to Cannabis growers as it a productive breed with quick flowering time. It is made from a blend of 9 Pound Hammer and Northern Lights, which are shown on its name. It can both please smokers and cultivators.

  Flavor and Effects of 9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights

This strain carries a complex combination of aroma and flavor. It has fruity notes of lime, grapes, and lemon intermingled with a pungent skunk. This smoke has a devastating effect as you are hit by a 9-pound hammer. It’s a classic narcotic that is only meant to experience smokers.

 Medical Benefits of 9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights

This strain’s strong potency is also beneficial for patients. It can stimulate the appetite for those who have eating disorders. It can manage to lower the symptoms of mental disorders like depression and stress. Insomniacs can get quality sleep when smoking this strain before bedtime.

 Negative Effects of 9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights

The feeling of dryness of mouth and eyes can be experienced by smokers of this strain. They are minor side effects. Novice smokers shouldn’t take this in a high dose to avoid any unwanted effects.

 Growing 9 Pound Hammer x Northern Lights

It is easy to grow that even beginners can handle its cultivation. This is a high-yielding crop with a short vegetative stage, so it means you don’t need much effort to have a successful harvest. SOG and SCROG methods will do well with this weed. It also needs pruning as it grows into a bushy plant.

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