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707 Cherry Bomb

707 Cherry Bomb

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This is the bud for light smokers from SoCal Seed Collective. It is a hybrid strain between Trainwreck and Livity. It grows small, dense buds with a nice flavor and old school aroma. It delivers mediocre potency, so smokers who prefer an intense high might pass on this strain.

It can be easily availed in dispensaries for you to enjoy or use as a medication. It is ideal for evening use. Consumers are attached to it because of its flavor.

Flavor and Effects of 707 Cherry Bomb

The aroma and flavor are brought up by fermented, almost rotting fruits that are enhanced by the incense. The high that smokers gain from this strain is mild and mellow. This effect is manageable for novice smokers.

 Medical Benefits of 707 Cherry Bomb

It can act as a pain reliever and put an end to the suffering of some patients. It handles gastrointestinal problems, which result in some conditions like nausea, anorexia, and appetite loss. It can also alleviate anxiety symptoms.

 Negative Effects of 707 Cherry Bomb

It is the same with other strains that can leave red, itchy eyes, and dry mouth. It is necessary to drink a lot of water while smoking marijuana.

 Growing 707 Cherry Bomb

This strain can be grown by seeds and cloning. Seeds are sold by the breeder, but they can also be availed in dispensaries. Clones grow roots in a rapid phase, while seeds should be germinated first before putting it in the soil. It can start vegetation in the solid length of 6 weeks. It flourishes within outdoor and indoor cultivation.

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