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60 Day Wonder

60 Day Wonder

60 Day Wonder is a hybrid strain. Regardless of its components and size, it can finish quickly and produce a good yield. Along with its quick flowering, you’ll like cultivating this strain as well.

The effect of 60 Day Wonder is fantastic, and you will enjoy it. Within your mouth, all of the flavors will explode. This flavor mixture is unexpected and noticeable upon your first exhale.

Flavor and Effects of 60 Day Wonder

Upon using 60 Day Wonder, you’ll feel as if you’re flying in the sky. You’ll be exempt from restriction in a peaceful and relaxed state. You will likely work on various chores while feeling comfortable.

Medical Benefits of 60 Day Wonder

The 60 Day Wonder can enable you safely shut out all types of pain, particularly chronic aches, headaches, and muscle pains. This strain can also treat depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation.

Negative Effects of 60 Day Wonder

Consider dry mouth and dry eyes if you’re new to this marijuana. You may experience anxiety and mild paranoia, specifically if this is your first time using this strain. And don’t be concerned about negative effects. There are no life-threatening adverse effects, and they will progressively fade as you continue to use this strain.

Growing 60 Day Wonder

Since it is an Auto plant, expect shorter flowering time without the use of additional lights. Keep your plants out of direct sunlight by placing them in a shaded spot. Drink plenty of water regularly, and make sure it’s filtered. Whenever it comes to raising your plants, make sure you offer them the right food for their stage of development.