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5th Dimension

5th Dimension

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It is a strain that displays stunning frostiness and it’s a certified crowd-pleaser because of its delectable flavors. There are many phenotypes but they all have these common characteristics. The breeder, All We Know Is Dank blends Snow Monster and Cookie Jar to create this awesome balanced strain. It has tightly-packed, small nugs that are stuck in frostiness. There are lots of amber hairs and thick crystal trichomes on top of them.

Flavor and Effects of 5th Dimension

The frostiness of this strain brings out the strawberry flavor intermingled with menthol and gas. This smoke will impart to its user a cerebral and body high all in one. So it’s recommended to use it during the day and at night.

 Medical Benefits of 5th Dimension

This nighttime strain works well in handling insomnia. It can be taken before bedtime so you can get a good quality of sleep. It also enhances the mood of individuals with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. It can also curb pain like headaches. These benefits are not for the long term but it’s only a reprieve.

 Negative Effects of 5th Dimension

The common side effects which are dry mouth and dry eyes can also be experienced from smoking this strain. It can be easily reversed by supplying your body with water or fluids but you have to skip on alcoholic beverages.

 Growing 5th Dimension

Aspiring growers should secure clippings from a mature plant and you decide whether you cultivate it indoors or outdoors. You should allot time in monitoring the plants. It can thrive in soil and hydroponics.

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