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5Gs Purple F2

5G’s Purple F2

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This is one of the poly hybrid creations of Ganja Rebel Seeds. This strain was made by using C99, Chemdog, F13, OG and Sour Diesel. So a 5-way cross was done. It produces large, swollen calyxes with the abundance of trichomes. It has a strong effect but it can be used for medical applications.

It is recommended for evening use to get most of its relaxing ability. Consumers will enjoy its delectable flavor for sure.

Flavor and Effects of 5G’s Purple F2

The smell and taste of this weed are with the content of perfume, floral essence and dark, purple fruit. The high can give inconvenience after ingesting. It’s the reason why it should be consumed at night or on weekends and you have nothing to do. It has a strong sedative effect that can give maximum relaxation.

 Medical Benefits of 5G’s Purple F2

It has the ability to relieve pain or aches. The pain can be temporary which is caused by injury and it can also handle chronic type that gained from diseases. It is also effective in pacifying symptoms of mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and stress.

 Negative Effects of 5G’s Purple F2

It causes dry mouth and dry eyes like any other strain. Smokers can combat these side effects by drinking plenty of water.

 Growing 5G’s Purple F2

It can be grown indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse by cloning. The outdoor harvest is expected from September 30th to October 10th. Since this weed produces big buds, you can give support during the flowering time. The support can be through strings, wires, tomato cage or plant yoyos.

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