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33 Splitter

33 Splitter

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Uprising Seed Co bred this hybrid strain from the cross between Atom Splitter and Gelato. The former is a powerhouse strain and the latter is sweet and potent. These qualities make this strain honed its potency and flavor into something that can meet the satisfaction of consumers. It’s a clean and smooth smoke that suits evening and night time use. It smells and tastes good too so it’s easy to like this strain.

Flavor and Effects of 33 Splitter

This strain smells so good and it’s almost sweet as candy. This sweetness mingled with gassy undertones which leads to a pungent aftertaste. It delivers a strong body high which is suitable for taking a rest or just chilling. It can also bring sedation and couch-lock.

Medical Benefits of 33 Splitter

The effects of this strain are good for providing the needed sleep of a person. It is beneficial for those who are struggling against insomnia. It helps individuals escape the symptoms of stress, depression, and fatigue. Whenever you feel like you need a break, this weed can help you with the process of invigorating yourself. You can be relieved of the tension and stress.

Negative Effects of 33 Splitter

Although this strain has a sweet taste, it’s not exempted from giving dry mouth and itchy eyes. They can be easily managed by drinking a lot of water.

Growing 33 Splitter

It is fun to cultivate this weed whether indoors or outdoors. But it requires growers with many experiences of growing strain. LST and SCROG methods will make this plant develop well. Aside from those guidelines, it must be given the proper amount of nutrients and water.

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