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3 Bears OG

3 Bears OG

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Bred by Mephisto Genetics from Spain, the 3 Bears OG is an autoflowering plant with 70/30 indica dominant combination. This strain was created through a three-way cross of the Triangle Kush, Bear OG, and Karma’s OG Cut strains. The plants have nugs that are covered by an immense coating of resin and crystals.

Flavor and Effects of 3 Bears OG

The flavor profile of this strain is pretty mind-blowing. Its juicy watermelon flavors will burst in your mouth, making you wanting for more. A fruity and sweet aftertaste lingers on your tongue, sealing the deliciousness of this strain.

The 3 Bears OG strain is a nighttime strain. It starts with a cerebral buzz that instantly hits you. This same pressure flows down to the rest of the body within a few minutes, and you will start to feel relaxed and calm. Eventually, this strain will lull you to deep sleep, but not before hitting you with the munchies.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of 3 Bears OG

Due to its effects, the 3 Bears OG strain is a great aid for insomniacs who want their peaceful sleep back. This bud is also helpful for those who are struggling with eating disorders. It is a natural appetite stimulant.

Negative Effects of 3 Bears OG

The usual negative effects of this strain include headache and dizziness, which usually occurs at the onset of the high. Its fast-acting buzz can induce nausea, too.

Growing 3 Bears OG

This plant does not require much to grow. It thrives well in any setting, be it indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse environment. It doesn’t get very tall, but it can still get quite busy. Thus, regular trimming is required to ensure that sunlight and air reach the lower nodes.