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13 dawgs

13 Dawgs

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13 Dawgs, a strong, high-grade hybrid strain from Canada, is available through Delta 9 Bio-Tech. A hybrid between a Chemdawg and a G13 was used to create it; these two extremely potent strains are known for their strikingly different qualities and effects.

13 Dawgs are known for providing a powerful psychedelic high. However, it is not only useful for recreational purposes; it also has significant therapeutic potential. In addition to reducing anxiety, it provides a wonderful tingling sensation throughout your body, which aids in relaxation.

Flavor and Effects of 13 Dawgs

The flavors of 13 Dawgs include earthy, sweet, woody, and grapefruit. Because of its indica ancestry, it exerts a calming impact on the user. It will leave you feeling calm, uplifted, and happy, as well as tingling all over. At the end of the day, you’ll have a strong desire for any form of food.

Medical Benefits of 13 Dawgs

The natural elevating impact of 13 Dawgs can be utilized to cure depression. It has the ability to relieve pain and cramps, increase appetite, and alleviate physical and mental weariness.

Negative Effects of 13 Dawgs

After consuming 13 Dawgs, you are likely to have dry mouth, dry eyes, and nervousness. You may also get mild headaches, especially if you are just starting off with this well-balanced strain.

Growing 13 Dawgs

You will not be able to purchase seeds for 13 Dawg at this time, either online or offline. The only way to grow one is to take cuttings from a living plant and grow them from there. And if you are fortunate enough to obtain a cutting, make sure to follow the instructions on the cutting to ensure that your plants grow well and produce more.

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