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Sign That It’s Time To Take A Break From Cannabis Tolerance

A cannabis tolerance break is where you would completely abstain from the use of cannabis for a long period of time to let your system reset your tolerance to give you a much better experience. Repeated exposure to cannabis lessens the behavioral and physiological effects of cannabis having a tendency of a drug dependency that requires larger amounts of cannabis intake to get the same effect.

When you are smoking cannabis for a long time, there will come a time that you may feel that smoking is no longer making you high. Cannabis tolerance is an adaptation to the constant presence of cannabinoids. Let’s get to know more about cannabis tolerance by continue reading below!

What Is Cannabis Tolerance

Tolerance happens when there is a neurological phenomenon which is called the downregulation. Downregulation occurs when the number of receptors decreases its sensitivity to substances. This happens when our receptor which is the CB1 is overly exposed to drugs.

Studies show that to regenerate receptors back, you need to have at least 2-4 weeks of abstinence depending on how much and how frequent you consumed cannabis. If you wanted to fully flush out THC in your system, you need to have at least 30 days abstinence from cannabis.

Manifestations of Marijuana Tolerance

1. Physiological Dependence

For some cannabis users, they cannot do anything without getting the feeling of high. If you only engage in life’s activities if you get a hit then it is time to freshen up to get a new perspective. If you can no longer create anything creative take a break so that you would know what you are really good at a clear head.

2. Hard to Wake Up

When you are under the influence of weed before sleeping, the slow-wave sleep increases and your REM sleep decreases because THC alters your brain’s functioning. Having a high most of the nights is a bad habit because you may end up feeling fog and sluggish the next morning.

Low quality of sleep, slow cognition, and foggy feeling could have a negative impact on your overall mental and physical health. If you feel this often you may need to take a tolerance break from cannabis.

3. Feeling Less Productive

Some cannabis users use cannabis to be productive while some are being knocked down for the rest of the day with just one hit. Chronic cannabis users tend to have a low level of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that is linked to the part of the brain that is for motivation and ambition. The use of cannabis, on the contrary, gives a motivational sense on the user but when there is too much consumption you may end up not feeling motivated or not having a purpose in life.

The use of cannabis is an expensive vice. Taking a cannabis break will allow you to have a cashback to treat yourself away from cannabis. Taking a break will help you prepare if you are aiming for more glorious cannabis toke.

How To Take A Break From Cannabis Tolerance

1. Acknowledge the Need to Take a Break From Cannabis

Acknowledgment that cannabis tolerant is a process. It cannot just happen overnight especially if cannabis because of a part of your daily living. You cannot avoid having cravings after days of not consuming cannabis but as days go by you’ll get used to the feeling of not having THC in your system.

2. Eliminate Temptation

Get rid of all your cannabis paraphernalia. Having a break from cannabis tolerance requires 100% commitment. You can easily recover if you would fully get out of sight the things that are related to using cannabis. This is also a way so that you won’t be tempted to use cannabis again when your withdrawal symptoms kick in.…/cannabis-withdrawal/

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3. Let Your Cannabis Buddies Know

Inform your cannabis buddies that you will be taking a break so that they won’t tempt you with cannabis-related stuff. Telling your friends is also a way for you to influence them to participate in cutting off cannabis use.

4. Divert Your Attention.

Find a new hobby, like a sport or gardening. During the first week, you might find it difficult to divert your attention but it is advisable to do something productive like doing crafts that will make you creative, doing some adventure activities or something that will make your free time worthwhile.

5. Stay Focused

If you have decided to have a break from cannabis tolerant, then you must choose a specific date and stick to it. If you stick to your plan that discipline will carry over your entire life. When you started to be a cannabis tolerant, you should go for it there is no turning back.

6. Take Up Caffeine

The use of cannabis products provides physical addiction. But in general, caffeine is a healthy option that is proven to have antioxidant properties and it consists of different agents that protect your body from cardiovascular diseases. The use of caffeine helps you quit weed because it increases dopamine level that releases a hormone that satisfies your cravings that you get in hitting cannabis.

7. Exercise More Often

Having a workout or doing some exercise daily will help you overcome cannabis tolerance because through this your body will release endorphins which is a hormone that makes you feel good. The reason why you have cannabis tolerant is that the use of cannabis makes you feel good every time. Through exercise, you will get the same feeling combating your cannabis tolerance.

8. Try Other Herbs and Essential Oils

If you tend to use cannabis more often for relaxation there are some herbs and essential oils that provide you relaxation and the feeling of sedation. A great example of this is the chamomile, this herb is not only good for tea but this can also be consumed through vaping so cannabis users would have a satisfying feeling without the cannabis high. The use of lavender and peppermint is also good at promoting a sense of calmness.

How To Avoid Cannabis Tolerance

1. Alternate Days of Usage

The THC content is considered as a fat-soluble that is stored as body fat like that of fatty food. This means that THC stays in your system for quite some time before it dissolved. Since THC stays in our system for a long period of time, it is not necessary to take cannabis every day. If you want to avoid having cannabis tolerant, consume cannabis staggered.

2. Take a Break from THC

If you don’t want to remove cannabis in your system you can have another option which is to use non-psychotropic cannabis strains that do not cause a euphoric high. These specific strains contain high levels of CBD. This is a good option especially if you are a heavy user of cannabis because of more cannabis intake you had the more withdrawal symptoms that you will experience. CBD helps in the regeneration of new receptors within the endocannabinoid system

3. Rotate Strain Types

Different kinds of strain provide tolerance at a different rate or levels. It is advisable to have a variety of strains that you use rotationally so that you don’t have to get used to a particular strain lowering the chance of being tolerant.

4. Use Low Doses of Cannabis

This is the usual method for those who are taking cannabis for medical reasons. The more intake, the more tolerance build up.

5. Try a New Method of Consumption

There are different methods of consuming cannabis. These different methods provide different consumption experience and how the cannabinoids take effect in our body varies as well. Smoking cannabis gives out a more potent high in our system than ingesting it. If you would alternate the method of cannabis consumption the higher chance of beating cannabis tolerance.

6. Meditation

This is a form of internal exploration. It offers peace and calmness. When you have a cannabis break, there is a tendency that you will become anxious. Meditation can help you clear your mind and help you ease your cravings for weed.

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Steps In Taking A Break From Cannabis Tolerance

1. Determine Your Pattern of Cannabis Use

You need to know how often, how much, and when do you use it. This will help you determine how will you start your cannabis break off.

2. Know the Reason Why You Are Using Cannabis

If you are using cannabis regularly, then there might be reasons why. If you decide to break from cannabis tolerance then you need to find ways on how to cope especially if there are withdrawal symptoms. If you use cannabis for medical reasons you can substitute the use of cannabis in using supplements that can ease your symptoms as cannabis do. If you use cannabis to relax you can use alternatives such as caffeine products, essential oils etc.

3. Make a List of the Reasons Why You Want to Take a Break

If you know the exact reason why you are doing this then you will be fully committed into it because you have a clear direction of what you would like to happen.

4. Make a Clear Plan on How to Get Things Started

The first thing to consider is determining when you would like to make a change. The next thing is to know what you are going to do in a couple of days when you are not going to consume cannabis. And the last thing is to find ways on how to deal with some withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

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Downsides of Having Cannabis Tolerance

1.Blocks Memory Function

The active ingredient in cannabis which is the THC acts in the hippocampus, a part of the brain where memories and information are formed. The blockage of memory formation happens when there is a long term exposure to THC. If you started smoking at your teenage years, most likely you’ll experience cognitive impairment during adulthood.

2. THC Affects Your Balance

Over usage of cannabis may lead to the integration of cerebellum and basal ganglia which regulates posture, balance, reaction time and coordination. If the THC damages the receptors in these parts of the brain then difficulty in walking and talking may experience.

3. Psychosis Might Be Experienced.

When you have cannabis tolerance then there is a possibility in the increased of hallucinations and delusions episodes

Tips To Help You Cut Down Cannabis Usage

1. Practice Self-management

Instead of smoking larger portions why not take a puff and wait for a few minutes until you feel its effects. There’s a possibility that the first puff is already enough but if the high is not enough that’s the time to take another puff.

2. Use Higher Potency Cannabis

It is better to smoke one potent cannabis that will make you high with just a couple of puffs than smoking a lot of weak strains.

3. Use a Vaporizer

Vapes are designed in such a way that it will allow you to feel the effects of cannabis even if it is in a smaller portion. The effects of a small amount of cannabis consumed through vaping is equal to the effects of high amounts of cannabis consumed through smoking.

4. Buy Less and Smoke Less

Buying cannabis in bulk will let you have a better deal but it would let you consume cannabis more because of its availability. If you would buy cannabis in a smaller amount then you will also learn how to consume it little by little.

Final Thoughts

If you think that you are taking a larger dose than more than intended, spending too much time searching or acquiring cannabis products or if you are unable to do your work or school then it’s the perfect time to take a cannabis break. Having a break from cannabis tolerance is a hard task. You need to have 100% commitment.

You need to be honest with yourself. In order to be consistent, you need to have a goal of why you are doing this. During your cannabis abstinence, reflect on why you are consuming cannabis and what it does that makes you love it. It is also important to keep yourself active through different activities, stay hydrated and be sure to eat healthy foods.