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MSNL began in 1999 while two friends began growing seeds using strains obtained during years of smoking, and traveling. Ben and Christian immediately recognized that marijuana was considerably more than the ordinary grass and hash resin. Within three years, they had a collection of more than 40 clear genetic lines. It includes White LSD, White Widow Max, and THC Snow, all of which are still considered among the top high-THC – high-yield cannabis strains available globally. This catalog gave birth to the world’s first reputable online seed bank: MSNL, the original seed bank.


Standard Shipping- would cost £5.95, and it is the most general concept of packaging and Shipping that we offer. They pack the seeds in a crush-resistant container within a standard plain envelope. It requires a signature and no tracking is done; nevertheless, all standard orders totaling more than £75 GBP, minus freight, will be followed.

Stealth shipping- would cost £10.95, and stealth delivery is much more distinct than standard delivery. It necessitates more processing costs and time, which requires additional money. All Stealth orders above £75 in value, excluding delivery, will include a tracking code, which will be accessible in your account section once the purchase has been processed and shipped.

Stealth Shipping guarantees a cost of £16.95, and it coveys in the same secret manner. Regardless of the quantity of the order, all Guaranteed shipments will have a tracking number. If a customer orders an item and the shipment does not appear that the customer did not receive it within 25-business days, they will be re-sent with no additional charges. Please remember that this does not apply if you provided erroneous shipping information when placing your transaction.

Payment Methods

People can choose any mode of payment that they want. Debit card and credit card is the easiest way to pay for your orders; if you’re going to choose this kind of method, click the Credit Card option, you have to ensure that you provide all the correct information. We also accept payment using bitcoin, and if you choose this method, you can automatically get 15% off. If you prefer to pay in cash, we also accept that depending on the currencies, you have to make sure that all the information you provide is correct.