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I Love Growing Marijuana, founded by Robert Bergman, has a wide selection of seeds and more growing tutorials on various topics. The forum at the center of their original website is still very much alive. You may spend weeks or months just reading through the ILGM site’s educational content. ILGM features a carefully chosen list of just the greatest and most popular strains available, all of which have been developed using their own exclusive genetics. There are 40+ auto flowering strains, 70+ feminized strains, 30+ mix packs, and 5+ grow set bundles to choose from.

ILGM originally opened its doors for business in 2012 as a platform for cannabis growers. It was a virtual gathering place for cannabis cultivators throughout the globe to discuss their harvests, seek advice on growing issues, and share ideas and techniques to make their next crop even bigger and better. It was also a place where Robert Bergman, the company’s founder, could share the vast information he had gathered throughout his 20-year career as a marijuana grower. He has been growing weed for a long time and has been taking notes of its growth. Together with his friends, they made this dream a part of reality, sharing their knowledge with future growers and those who wanted to learn.

Customer Service

ILGM will assist you through their 24/7 customer service and customer support to answer all your questions regarding your seeds. Stick to a reliable USA seed bank if you want to buy cannabis seeds online and want to get the best seeds. They specialize in providing the highest-quality seeds at the most competitive prices. If you Google “best places to get cannabis seeds,” their name will certainly come up. It’s because we’re a reputable worldwide seed bank with a long history. Plus, if we aren’t already, we’re committed to being the most dependable seed bank online.


Many people in the United States believe that buying seeds from American seed banks will save them money on shipping. ILGM is one of the few online seed banks that does so. Their items are usually delivered within 10 business days, but they might arrive in as little as two. They provide an excellent shipping process, which has consistently delivered seeds to help develop giant plants all across the world for years. They carefully consider the most inconspicuous ways to ship your product and guarantee that you will receive it.

ILGM is one of the most popular cannabis seed banks on the internet. We are one of the few online seed banks that accept cash as a form of payment. Paying with a bank account or Bitcoin is also an option when making a payment with us. When purchasing feminized cannabis seeds on ILGM with a credit card, your bank may refuse to execute the transaction. We understand that this may create problems. However, the staff will reprocess your order using an alternative payment method if this happens.