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SCROG Method: Expert Guide and Useful Tips

The life of the cannabis plant goes through just like any other plant on this planet. The only main difference when growing and cultivating cannabis is you want to make sure that it grows perfectly well so it can produce the best possible content and topnotch quality results. There are different ways that cultivators employ to make sure that these results are achieved.

Training methods such as SCROG are incorporated so that the plants grow and mature well and produce good amounts of cannabinoids. As you already know, cannabinoids are the compounds found in cannabis plants that have an effect on the body including the psychoactive component which is THC.

The use of different training techniques will allow cultivators to harvest tremendous amounts of yield and have the best quality buds that produce high levels of THC for its users to enjoy.

Why Train Your Cannabis

Plant training refers to the different techniques used to manipulate the way plants grow in shape and size. While certain plants should be allowed to grow naturally, cannabis is an exemption. There are many reasons why cultivators should incorporate training methods to cannabis plants.

One reason why plant training is important is the fact that plants need light to grow properly. Using training techniques will help the plant receive more light by bending or letting the plant grow from a different angle so it captures more light. This helps the plant produce more nutrients for its proper growth and in the end, provide you with a bountiful harvest.

Another reason why plant training is an essential aspect of cannabis cultivation is to promote outward growth. Topping or trimming the top portion of the plant helps it grow more branches and become bushier thus gaining more room for buds to grow. With the incorporation of other techniques such as SCROG, this allows the cannabis plants to receive light to all parts of the plant especially in branches.

What is SCROG

SCROG or Screen of Green is a method used especially for indoor cannabis cultivation wherein it allows for optimal usage of light and allows the plants to produce more branches and leaves. It ultimately incorporates all the necessary needs of the plant and its cultivator into one technique thus allowing for a higher yield.

SCROG uses a screen or a metal grid which is placed a few inches above the cannabis plants. Once the plants grow and reach the screen, cultivators then train the plants to grow outward instead of upward as the plants normally do. Cultivators do this by bending the stalks and smaller branches to the side and tie them to the screen thus manipulating how the plants grow. This exposes all parts of the plant thus it equally receives light.

SCROG is commonly used in indoor cannabis cultivation to maximize the use of grow lights. Other training methods are also used in different circumstances such as Sea of Green or SOG but are used by experienced cultivators who are already adept at growing cannabis indoors.

The Masterful Art of Scrogging

The art of scrogging can be fun and very rewarding for those who take the time to incorporate such techniques with their cannabis cultivation. Not only does it optimize your plant’s yielding potential, but it also makes your life much easier as a cultivator. Here are some of the masterful techniques that you can use while scrogging.

Trimming the leaves from your cannabis plants will limit how the plant can cast shadows over the more important areas. It is imperative to know that trimming leaves should be done to let the plant focus more on growing buds instead of growing more leaves. But, cultivators should also know that trimming all the leaves is detrimental to the plant’s life as it uses leaves to collect and produce the energy it needs to grow. There is a delicate balance between trimming and letting the plant grow leaves and this can only be achieved through proper diligence and experience.

In an indoor setting, your grow lights can produce tremendous amounts of heat and can affect air circulation. When using SCROG, this also creates a thick canopy that prevents proper air circulation within your grow room. Heat and no proper air circulation can produce unnecessary moisture and can cause molds and mildew infestation which is very dangerous to your plants.

To avoid this from happening, make sure that you have proper air circulation by installing fans inside your grow room. You can have one fan to pull in the fresh air and the other one to pull out the hot air from within. If your grow room starts to smell stale, it is time that you should be worried about proper ventilation and start incorporating this masterful technique.

Scrogging can be a stressful experience for your plants. Stress is something that should be avoided as it will produce a set of problems later on. Make sure that you water your plants within 24 hours after scrogging them. This will help the plants recover from the light amount of stress that you have used for the procedure. You can then check the plants again after 2 to 3 days and you can have a better idea of where the plants might grow. You can then adjust the way the plants grow accordingly.

Advantages and Importance of SCROG

SCROG was invented because of how expensive indoor cannabis growth can get. You will need to set up grow lights and fans for proper ventilation and this can be very expensive. SCROG method allows growers to control the plant so it receives an equal amount of lighting thus your plants grow equally as well. Since they grow out in almost the same height and size, there are no other plants that tower over the other plants and cast a shadow over them.

It is also a useful method for those who live in areas where you are only allowed to grow a certain number of cannabis plants. This method lets you maximize the way the plants grow thus enabling you to receive yields that are almost equal to those that are cultivated in areas where cannabis can be legally produced.

Scrogging is also great for a specific type of strain mainly for Sativas. Since Sativas grow tall and stretch even through the flowering stage, it can grow up to the ceiling which can cause issues like air circulation and equal lighting for other plants. Indoor growers should employ this technique so that the way these tall Sativa strains grow can be controlled.

The use of the SCROG technique is also a very cost-efficient method especially for those who are on a tight budget. Grow lights take up a huge amount of money. Tall plants can grow and reach the grow lights which can burn and kill them. Since you are using the SCROG technique that allows for equal size and height of the plant, you evenly distribute the light towards and plant and never have to worry about dealing with tall plants at all. This will help you save time and money from tending to damaged plants.


Indoor growers who want to grow cannabis in a cost-efficient manner should employ the use of the SCROG technique. It can be quite difficult at first but knowing full well that this training method is used to optimize your plant’s growth to produce topnotch results is all you need to be successful with cannabis cultivation.