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Sativa Vs Indica: What Are The Difference

difference between indica and sativa

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There are two main types of marijuana, and it is the Sativa and Indica, both can be used for a variety of recreational and medical purposes. Sativas are famous for their “head high,” an energizing and invigorating that could help alleviate stress or anxiety and other mental issues and it can also increase focus and creativity. While Indicas are usually linked with full-body effects, like reducing insomnia and increasing deep relaxation. Even though the studies investigating these impacts are limited, it shows that these plants are more prevalent than previously assumed. In this article, we will be discussing the difference between Indica and Sativa.

Physical differences of Sativa and Indica

Botanists usually use physical differences, like the variations of height, the shape of the leaves, and branching patterns, to represent the difference of each strain. And this is where the names of “Sativa” and “Indica” come from. Indica strains are smaller than Sativa strains, and that they have a woody stalk. Also, Indica strains grow faster, unlike Sativa. There is also some confusion as to what caused these structural differences between the two strains. Some experts claim that all these distinctions are because of the human breeding of different kinds, whereas others say that a blend of changing modifications and geographical isolation is responsible.

Indica Plant

Cannabis Indica originated in the Middle East, in areas like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tibet. And Indicas has a higher CBD level than Sativas, although the ratio of CBD to THC is nearly 1:1. The common perception is also that Cannabis Indica can be an effective pain killer with high flatness and relaxation. There are many medicinal cannabis strains that have a hybrid form of this cannabis strain. And also, Indica strains have larger and broader leaves and shorter, because of their short flowering season. That flowering period could also make them a much more famous choice for growing, or a much easier choice for growing cannabis in a warm climate.

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Cannabis Indicas are perfect to use during night time. Indicas are sold as having effects similar to a sedative, perfect for relaxation as well as to try to sleep. Part of this legend is that even the indica is said to have higher amounts of CBD but lower concentrations of THC. That impact on the body could also be a big benefit in relieving pain, as well as the relaxation component implies that it is also perfect for people who have anxiety, vital features of medical cannabis. It is also said that it can make you hungry and increase your appetite. Therefore, cannabis Indica is known to give its users a body-high than a cerebral high.

Sativa Plant

Sativa originates from warmer regions of the world, like Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. The common perception is that it offers a higher level of energy and creativity, even though it can cause anxiety in some users. Sativa could also be beneficial for people who have headaches, depression, nausea, and loss of appetite. Sativa plants were found to have more THC than CBD. And also, cannabis Sativa is much more native to tropical areas with longer summers and take much longer to completely flower, unlike indica. Sativa grows far taller than in the Indica plant, and also the leaves are much thinner unlike the leaves of Indica. That height could also make it very difficult for Sativa to grow indoors, as Sativas are taller plants when they grow.


Sativas are said to have more cerebral effects, ideal for daytime consumption. These impacts are much more energizing, helping the user to feel much more uplifted and alert to handle creative efforts or physical exercise. Therapeutically, the effects of Sativa are said to help not only in the pain, but also with depressions, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. One justification for the “Sativa” is that causing these effects and possible medical benefits is cannabinoids such as THC and CBD-specifically, cannabis Sativa strains have been shown to have higher levels of THC.

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Final Thoughts

If you are curious about how marijuana might help you, discuss it with your doctors and healthcare provider. They could also discuss their possible negatives and positives effects on your specific health issues and help you seek something which suits your requirements. Then maybe you can start exploring your choices. Getting the correct choice for you could take some time. You might also find that you do not really tolerate marijuana well. If you live in a place that has decriminalized marijuana, you could also visit a dispensary and discuss it with a qualified member of staff. They could be happy to suggest specific cannabis strains or other product lines that meet your needs.

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